Ecoya Midnight Orchid Natural Soy Glass Candle In Box




At Bibi’s Home we are so pleased to welcome our new candle brand Ecoya.

Product Description

Crafted from soy wax.

Poured in to a sleek glass jar with a rubber-sealed glass lid.

Lead-free wick burns cleanly.

Up to 55 hours of burn time.

A sultry blend of black orchid infused with African violet, muguet, rose white musk and amber.

Luscious, sensual and commanding.

Beautifully presented in an Ecoya gift box.

Ecoya Candles

When Captain James Cook partook of his first great voyage between the years of 1768 and 1771, he brought with him the famous botanist advisor to King George III, Sir Joseph Banks, who discovered hundreds of new botanical species just on the shores of Botany Bay, Sydney.

Drawing from its history within this same region, Ecoya home perfumes delight in the discovery of new botanical fragrances, very much in the footsteps of Sir Banks. Led by distinguished perfumer Isaac Sinclair, Ecoya has come to captivate the country with their lush fragrances and graciously sustainable products.

And if Ecoya do one thing perfectly, it’s creating candles to delight the senses. Their Mini Metro Jar Candles are just the thing for traveling; perfectly sized for your luggage, and crafted with soy wax and lead-free wicks.


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