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Hidden beautifully inside our historic premises in St Alban Street is Coco’s Coffee Bar. Cocos Coffee bar serves the Best Coffee that you will find in Weymouth. We are Doggy and people friendly.

The coffee:

We serve Italian Artisan Miscela d’Oro coffee imported directly from Italy Miscela d’Oro started life in the 1940’s and is now a third generation family business. they believe in blending only the best coffees making Miscellaneous d’Oro one of the most outstanding coffees in the world.

Miscela D’Oro translates into English as “mixture of gold” or “blend of gold” and it really is. aromatic, rich with a real depth of flavour. Miscela d’Oro holds one of the finest cremas you will find among any Italian espresso.

Every single member of the Bibi’s team is fully barista trained with this specific blend of coffee to make it perfectly. Warning! once you have tried this coffee? you will struggle to enjoy any other quite as much. we also serve locally produced Tea’s including Miles Tea, Dorset Tea and Clipper Tea.

Bibis Coffee Bar Weymouth
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Our treats:

From salted caramel fudge to the best Ecuadorian chocolate brownies and Traditionally made Victoria Sponge. we are all about using the best quality and ethically sourced ingredients to make our treats. Fancy something a little cooler? how about a milkshake made with ice cream and natural syrups? or even cooler? how about an Ice Cream by our favourite Purbeck Ice cream. they use all natural ingredients and it’s made just up the coast from us! if we haven’t eaten it first? you must try their NEW salted caramel. wow. just wow.

All of our drinks and treats are available to take away, perfect if you are heading up to the bay for a stroll but why waste the opportunity to sit and relax within one of the oldest buildings in Weymouth? want to know more about Coco’s? or Bibi’s? or even just about our building? pop in and see us at 21 St Alban Street Weymouth

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